Custom Solutions

For over 50 years, Chiz Bros. has provided engineered, custom solutions for customer heat-related problems.

Furnace Hood

3000 degree Module lining designed and installed by Chiz Bros.

Furnace Door

Custom Designed Door to withstand heat from both sides

Silmass Furnace Lining

Reheat Furnace lined with Modules and Silmass coating designed to minimize shrinkage/maintenance, save energy, and increase temperature rating.

Chiz AlumniPad

Custom designed Coil Pad for the aluminum industry with the ability to withstand high temps and prevent scratching, denting, and warping of Aluminum Coil Rolls.

Foamfrax RG Back Up

Replaced Board/Light weight castable used as backup lining in a walking beam furnace to save on installation costs and improve furnace thermals.

CBI Hot Bloc Modules

Large Modules designed to save on installation and custom manufactured to fit any furnace.

Heat Shields (Silica and Mesh Designs)

Designed for the Glass industry to allow for hot repairs and prevent deterioration of glass furnaces.

Tadpole Furnace Gaskets

Seals can be manufactured to any size, shape or temperature rating for any industry.