With a broad range of product offerings, Chiz Bros. is able to meet the complex needs of the Steel, Aluminum, Glass, Ceramic industries. Our engineering expertise facilitates custom solutions for industry specific applications.


  • Coil Protection Pads
  • Lightweight Furnace Doors
  • Annealing, Homogenizing and Heat-Treating Furnaces
  • Molten Contact Vacuum formed Shapes
  • Burner Blocks
  • High Alumina Castable Linings


  • Larry Car Seals
  • Ladle Preheaters
  • Foamfrax Refractory Back Up
  • Silmass Coated Furnace Module System
  • Fabricated Furnace Doors and Hoods
  • Vacuum formed Skid Pipe Insulation
  • Ceramic Fiber Blankets and Gaskets
  • Recast Shapes
  • Torpedo Car Covers

Power Generation & Chemical Processing

  • Mineral Wool Insulation
  • Exhaust Duct Insulation
  • Rope and Textile Gaskets
  • Welding and Heat Shiled
  • Boiler Repair Insulation and Refractory


  • Inconel Mesh and Silica Heat Shields
  • Refractory Back Up
  • Precast Custom Shapes
  • Silica Cloth
  • Silica Brick
  • Crown Insulation


  • Kiln Furniture
  • Saffil High Temp Fiber
  • Kiln Car Relines and Designs
  • Kiln Door Seals and Gaskets
  • Kiln Hot Spot Repair

Other Industries

  • Chemical Processing
  • Cement
  • Fyre Protection
  • Other Metals